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what is Sarahdipity?

Sarahdipity is a word I use to describe the serendipity I experience in my life everyday. It's more than just a fortunate accident, but rather living my life in a way that I realize we are all connected. Sarahdipity is a way of life I hope to impart on the world around me - to recognize that there are no accidents or coincidences. That everything happens for a reason.


In the world we live in today, we too often focus on our differences, rather than celebrating the things that make us unique. My hope is that through experiences, we can learn more about who we are, understand the differences that make us so valuable, and be the best versions of ourselves.


That is why Sarahdipity is a safe place for users to gain self-awareness and have adventures through new experiences. And hopefully, one by one, change the world by connecting to new people through these new experiences. 


A few of our target experiences include travel & hobbies, culture & artsmindfulness, career and lifestyle experiences. Don't see something you are looking for? Let us know! We are always looking to add new content.

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