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So many people have been asking me how I've managed to excel at my day job, make time for myself to travel and be spiritual, all while maintain a healthy and loving marriage....

They reference things like work/life balance and say I'm lucky....

First of all, I HATE the phrase Work/Life Balance. It implies that there are 2 versions of you that need to exist simultaneously. That simply isn't possible.

Second of all, it's so much more than luck. It takes hard work, asking tough questions, and having honest conversations.

I've been working at this Whole Life Balance for over a decade... I've made plenty of mistakes but have also had wonderful successes, all while having fun along the way...

So, I've decided it's time to share my tips with the world and to put on a workshop to help others than are looking for their own Whole Life Balance. This will be a 4-week series, done over zoom video conferencing with the purpose of providing realistic and personalized structure for your life.

Red Syllabus Outline Planner.png

In full disclosure, I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing it because it's my soul purpose to help others. For this reason, there isn't a set price for this workshop, but rather a request for a mutual energy exchange.


I know, that's too vague and you want specifics. So, how about I specify a range of $49 to $149 as a place to start? For some of you, this may be your bar tab on a Thursday night. For others, it may seem like a huge investment. If it's the latter, private message me and we can get creative. I don't want money to be the reason you don't receive this life changing information. I need plenty of support that doesn't involve money so I've made a list of suggestions for alternate energy exchanges (see below).

Alternative Payment Options Sarahdipity.
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