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Healing Meditation

Yesterday I got the opportunity to be involved in a workshop with the non-profit She Elevates centered around the theme of confidence & conversations. About 100 women and girls from northeast Ohio were there, learning about tough subjects like bullying and human trafficking (Ohio is ranked the 4th worst state for human tracking – let that sink in for a minute) but also about how and why we lose our confidence.

Most of the other speakers were there to give information but I saw my role as trying to connect the information internally: to let it sink in and change them. For months, I had thought of an exercise to do with the woman and girls, but when I woke up yesterday morning, I have a tug on my heart to try something else. Something I had never done before with a group but that had been so impactful to me on my spiritual journey. So, at the last minute, I decided to have a group healing mediation on confidence.

Thinking back on the moments that led to this decision, I guess the signs really have been there for a few weeks that a mediation was the way to go. I recently started reading/listening to The Book of Joy which ends with a bunch of mediation techniques. I’ve participated in healing mediation sessions and even went to a Buddhist temple this week to participate in a mediation class.

It was so beautiful to see so many nuggets of information come together to form a single session for these women and girls. Stemming from my Gestalt coaching training and lessons on phenomenology and linking my experiences with meditation, I guided the participants on a journey to talk to and heal their younger selves. I had no idea if it was going to work, but I figured it was worth a shot.

At the end of the exercise, I invited the participants to share their experience with the group, completely unsure if anyone would be willing or if anything had even happened for them. To my surprise, I could feel the energy shift in the room, some even being brought to tears, and some very brave girls (and women) were willing to share.

Everyone's experiences were different, but the ones that stuck with me were the girls who said they were saying goodbye to their old selves - the mean/bullying versions and who were now going to walk forward with kindness to those around them. And the woman who said she interacted with her nerdy/younger self who wore glasses and used to get made fun of. And how it was OK to be different and to tell her should was going to accomplish great things.

I share my story and #sarahdipitous experience with you today because I was so unexpectedly moved by these women and girls that I wanted to capture this moment so I can remember it. And because I'm curious in the larger conversation about meditation and healing hurts from our past. I'm curious if more people would be interested in more regular discussions on this and/or if a community already exists. Please share your thoughts and as always, thanks for your attention.

Peace & Love,


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